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Megalithic heritage

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Megalithic heritage

Brief Description

San Vicente has in its surroundings very well preserved dolmens, still called La Galana, the best-known.

The joint megalitco of the municipality of San Vicente de Alcántara consists of nine dolmens and is part of the Group of 48 megaliths known currently in the West of Extremadura and, chronologically, are located between the IV and III Millennium B.c. belong to times Neolithic and CHALCOLITHIC.

Their access is properly signposted and associated with them are remnants such as anthropomorphic idols, idols plate, axes, etc.

In terms of its type can be used with various types mainly:

(a) indefinite forms: Juan Durán I and II, Argaminos
(b) simple camera: Mayorga II
(c) runner short camera: Villavieja
(d) long runner Chamber: Antas and Turmas, Mayorga I, Piedrabuena and San Pedro of Torrico.

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The region has been throughout the history of settlement of diverse peoples and cultures that shaped the current time and valuable historical, natural and artistic heritage.

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