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The House of the boatman

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Profesor Tierno Galván Nº 1, 10513 Cedillo, Cáceres



    Brief Description

    In Cedillo, a population of 600 inhabitants, the most Western of Extremadura and Portugal border, find House of the boatman, was completely refurbished in 2011, accommodation that offers guests comfort, relaxation and stunning surroundings which enjoy and in which to participate. He has fireplace, air conditioning, Wi - Fi zone and everything you need to enjoy your stay.

    Our customers can enjoy a sabros dawn, since we left at the client\'s disposal everything necessary for a strong breakfast (homemade jams, toasts, coffee...)

    Rooms with the toiletries (amenities) who are available to customers.
    Bike rental on site.


    In the surroundings of the House, you can take different routes that can discover anthropomorphic tombs and dolmens, or visit the anthropological museum in the town, as a sign of a part of the cultural history that can be found in the environment.

    Discover unique territory for its beauty, unknown and exciting on the balcony of the Tagus Natural Park "International TAGUS". A populated land since time immemorial, watered by a sacred river that once separated us and today back to join Spanish and Portuguese in the long-awaited Iberia saramaguiana; the international Tagus or Tejo international, if we look at it from the other side, is now more than ever a challenge, a model of common effort; the last natural frontier of old Europe.


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      The region has been throughout the history of settlement of diverse peoples and cultures that shaped the current time and valuable historical, natural and artistic heritage.

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