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Secadero Dehesa de Solana

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Finca Dehesa de Solana. Ctra de Cedillo km 23, 10512 Herrera de Alcántara, Cáceres



  • Mobile : 647 35 30 11


Brief Description

Dehesa Solana covers all industrial and productive cycle of the Iberian pig, beginning with his birth and upbringing, until you reach the development and healing of the product, in modern facilities at its factory. So that it has a large team with a few amenities that carry out the industrial process through the implementation of the most recent technologies applied to the process and always controlled more legendary and traditional chacinero.

  • The IDEAL place

Located in the village of Herrera de Alcántara, in the foothills of the Sierra de San Pedro, livestock production of Dehesa de Solana, immersed in the heart of the pasture and into a natural and protected area "International Tagus". Their land of plains, hills and streams, their cloaks of magnificent Grove of Evergreen Oaks and cork oaks, dotted with ponds and watering, constitute the ideal habitat for the development of the Iberian pig.


In this unique ecosystem, and within the vast territorial expanse of Dehesa de Solana born and the Iberian pig is raised. Their conditions of rearing and feeding, next to the biological characteristics of pig, allow to preserve our heritage in this particular race, characterized by infiltrating large amount of fat in their muscular mass, which then gives their meat, and in particular its hams, a unique flavor and aroma.

  • Optimum power

In addition to the peculiarities of the race, food plays an essential role in the quality of the products. Therefore, in Dehesa de Solana, pigs born, bred and developed outdoors and no stabling, exercising, and eating herbs and noble feed that are made within our own exploitation and without the use of by-products, to finish its fattening exclusively on acorns and natural grasses during the montanera.

  • Amenities

For the manufacture of its products, Dehesa de Solana choose traditional methods of salting, drying and stay in the winery, but without renouncing those technological advances that give its facilities of all the health guarantees and appropriate quality controls and protocols of traceability, in a process where the hams and shoulders are at all times controlled by a thorough technical monitoring.


After salting and the postsalado of hams and shoulders, which is controlled humidity and temperature, in a range of between 100 and 180 days, move parts to the natural drying hams "sudan" during the warmer months, remaining until two years in the dryer until his transfer to the winery, where they remain during twelve months, until the piece reaches its ideal point of healing and of consumption, which will be checked through the "Cove", done by a technician.

  • A wide variety of products

Dehesa Solana offers its customers the range of hams and shoulders Iberian loins and sausages, in their categories of bellota, recebo and field, boasting, in addition, the prestigiousdenomination of origin Dehesa de Extremadura.Following a policy of "orientation to the customer", presents a constant innovation of products and references, with presentations and attractive and functional formats that can meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Anyone who is interested can arrange a visit to our dryer, from Monday to Friday day morning and afternoon and on Saturday morning shift.

Visits to the dryer may be accompanied by a wine tasting and guided tour through the finca Dehesa de Solana.

Concerten visit to the customers during the week, have access to discounts on accommodation in the Rural House Dehesa of Solana.


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