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Finca Dehesa de Solana

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Brief Description

Located in the village of Herrera de Alcántara, in the foothills of the Sierra de San Pedro, livestock production of Dehesa de Solana, immersed in the heart of the pasture and into a natural and protected area "International Tagus". Their land of plains, hills and streams, their cloaks of magnificent Grove of Evergreen Oaks and cork oaks, dotted with ponds and watering, constitute the ideal habitat for the development of the Iberian pig.

Located in the countryside, the visit to the finca Dehesa de Solana shows is like a cattle live in its most natural and authentic environment. Visitors can enjoy the traditional work of the farm without renouncing to comforts, offers for accommodation in a comfortable country house equipped with fireplace, barbecue, and pool in summer, together offering space and intimacy in a safe environment for children, who enjoy their stay, especially exploring the nature and animals in their own habitat, in the purest style "farm". Nestled in the international Tagus Natural Park, its proximity to Portugal facilitates the programming of excursions to this country. The area is considered of great ornithological interest for the contemplation of birds (ZEPA).

The farm has a factory of hams and sausages, which offers guided tours and tasting of ham and other Iberian products of pigs there seen in freedom.


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