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Restaurante El Convento

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Caserío San Pedro de los Majarretes s/n, 10500 Valencia de Alcántara, Cáceres




    Brief Description

    In 1980 opened a small picnic area in what was the convent Franciscan of the Majarretes, where the Pilgrim and pattern of S. Pedro de Alcántara Extremadura took the habits and initiated its spiritual life.

    That same building has witnessed more than three decades of prosperity and the evolution of the Hospedería El convent, at the time that has been the maximum protagonist of the warmth of our home, where we offer our customers the best quality products; During this time we have put all our efforts to bring to your table, simple and natural products from our region.

    And with you in mind, we have selected the best Iberian, the Dehesa de Extremadura, which are pride and embassy inside and outside of Spain.

    The restaurant\'s specialties include

    • First dishes:

    Soups; Field chicken, tomatoes, garlic, ground truffles Revuelto, beans with Partridge, have a wide variety in salads; as the mallard duck with caramelized onion, of marinated Partridge, Ratatouille\'s Roasted Peppers and slices of cod, and rice we have; Rice with Boletus, Hare rice and rice of Gallo\'s field.

    • In main courses:

    Hunting; Venison with wild mushrooms, duck blue to Orange, wild boar with chestnuts and a wide variety of bordering dishes, also enjoy our meat of Iberian pork secret to grilled ribs and tenderloins in a select variety of recipes.

    • From our wood-fired oven:

    Suckling pig, suckling lamb, shoulder and leg, roasted duck Magre.

    And homemade jams; Easter buns, cookies, muffins, Roscón of Kings, etc...

    And finally we must mention the delicacies of the House: croquettes of Partridge, Hare croquettes, pies of pigeon, cod dumplings, etc...

    All made by Quini and Paloma, with products from the region who are treated with purity and simplicity which characterize these two cooks in our kitchen.

    These recipes may win in taste within our care lounge, located in the rooms of the small Franciscan monastery from the 14th century, with capacity for 80 people.


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