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Casa Rural La Vega

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Camino de la Vega s/n, 06500 San Vicente de Alcántara, Badajoz



  • Mobile : 616 74 00 91  


Brief Description


The stone of the house walls hide three bedrooms and three bathrooms, one with jacuzzi. A fully equipped kitchen so you can enjoy the gastronomic delights offered by this land Extremadura. And if outside it\'s cold, maybe better, because you can thus turn on the fireplace and enjoy watching as arden logs of oak, with a cup of cocoa hot in hand.

Each of the three rooms has its own personality, see baked brick arches, whole walls of stone embedded ones in other, wood furniture, wrought iron, which transport us to other times, other ways of understanding life.

And stay star, where the dining room, with its large wooden table and chairs of enea, will spend more time, and your sofa from which to see the fire in the fireplace, television, a DVD movie or play a board game.


Sit on your porch, contemplates the landscape and enjoy the silence, the sound of birds, the vision of the light through the leaves of the trees and just let the time pass.

The environment of the Casa Rural "La Vega", is a delight for the senses. It is surrounded by small traditional orchards, which are planted vegetables, vegetables, fruit trees are harvested, the vineyards are cared for after making the wine using traditional methods. And raising livestock such as sheep, pigs, goats.

And patiently observing the comings and goings of people, just behind the orchards, cork trees, Mediterranean forests, forming keeping inside fauna not seen in other places, genets, Mongoose, Lynx, wild boar, deer, and more than 200 kinds of birds. Many of which nest somewhat beyond the House, in the Spa (special protection area for birds) Sierra de San Pedro. Site chosen by the Iberian Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Black Stork, eagle owl, Golden Eagle, Elanio Azul,... to nest and breed some of the last specimens of their species.



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