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Holy Week (The Living Passion)

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Brief Description

Date: March or April

During Holy Week, the city is transformed into a peaceful and withdrawn place that is interrupted only by the deep sounds of the drums and trumpets. As varied as the cultural diversity itself, this event shows the devotion on the people, and is always celebrated with the same manner: passion, fervor and silence.

Holy Week is also a popular and cultural manifestation when it comes to tourism, as it is celebrated in a very special way due to the incomparable experience the medieval city offers, which offers the chance to see the streets traversed by images that usually only lay in chapels, churches and convents throughout the year.

One of the main events of Holy Week is the live recreation of the main scenes from the Passion of Jesus Christ around the Luna Castle. For two days, and with a large public affluence, the main scenes of the biblical passages in the life of Jesus Christ are staged, from his entry into Jerusalem to his final crucifixion. This is achieved with the help of professional actors accompanied by invaluable performances from some of the inhabitants of the town.


This celebration has become more than just a cultural activity, as it attracts its own residents as well as foreigners in one of the most important religious festivals in the region.

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