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Alburquerque Medieval Festival

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Brief Description

The festivals began in 1994 with the intention of building onto the significant wealth and historical heritage of the town and thereby recover the life and customs of a time when diverse cultures existed in the village.

In mid-August the narrow streets of the medieval quarter are filled with people dressed in medieval clothes, a feature that makes this festival so unique, along with the remarkable involvement of the local residents, so much so that without their participation, the Festival would have no purpose. Everybody from young children to the elderly participate either directly or indirectly in all of the events taking place.

In addition, each year there is a recreation of some historical aspect related to medieval Alburquerque. This recreation serves as a historical thread running through the festival to link the many cultural and entertaining events that take place during those days.

Throughout the area of the ‘Inner Village’, you can also enjoy medieval food, drink wine or beer out of a jar, or buy souvenirs and crafts in the medieval market. Of course, you’ll have to pay with maravedis, which is the official currency of the enclosure.

In short, this is a celebration that began with the help of just one hundred people, and has become a national cultural landmark, endorsed by the World Theater Award convened at the European level, and given to acknowledge a better collective understanding of the Alburquerque residents. It also has the seal from the Board of Extremadura – SCENA and the declaration as a festival of Regional Tourism Interest.


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